Friday, March 18, 2011

How Do I get Any Sewing Done?

People have asked me recently how I manage to get any sewing done. I have two full time jobs (mom and teacher) and three little boys to entertain. Most of the time they entertain themselves with really hip and enriching projects I spend hours designing for them.  I jokes. Most often I put in a movie, let them play Wii for a bit, or boot them outside to play. But, I wanted to sound like a cool hip mamma for just a second. However, once in a while I do have moments of "mommy genius" and put together a simple project for them to do. I keep all of my fabric scraps in a bag and when I want some sew time, I give the boys the bag of fabric and let them go to town. Today they spent an hour covering cardboard cutouts with fabric scraps. It was simple and great fun for them. I got some uninterupted sewing time and they felt included.

From this...

I let my kids use "real scissors". I've taught them to use them correctly and it is so frustrating to try to create something with bad tools! No finger cuts yet!

Chase, Lucas, and Motorcycle Man
 It doesn't always go as planned. For example, today Chase finished first and then decided he wanted to really sew something. How could I say no to that request? So, I put my project aside and let him have a go at using my sewing machine. He created a pair of "Baby Leg Socks" of his own design, for his little cousin we call "Harry" who will be making his debut soon.

In all honesty, I get sewing done because it's always possible to find time to do things you like to do (maybe just not as much) and I am blessed with little boys who are content to play and entertain themselves most of the time. And when they can't, well, that's where Dad comes into the picture. Have I mentioned they have a GREAT dad? Without him, I really would not have the time.


  1. Krista it is so fun to see your posts about your life in Nome and your creative endeavors. What a good mama you are! Your boys' have gotten so big and cuter...if that is possible they were already so cute! I love that they love what the mama does. My boys' use to make stamped cards and scrapbook with me...they have done some pretty cute things too...EXCELLENT memories you are making!!!!

  2. Thanks Tiff. They love it now but I know that this phase wont last long. That's part of the reason I am trying to get Chase into using the sewing machine. I figure if it has a motor, goes fast, and has some sense of danger to it, he'll be hanging out with me a little bit longer.Maybe.

  3. cute projects with the letters. reminds me, when i was little my nana-who i lived next door to- would take out her box of wrapping paper scraps and i would glue and decorate old coffee cans, or other type of cans. would work for fabric too, then you'd have pretty little containers!

  4. My mom had this epic button tin. I used to spend hours sifting through it--arranging by color, shape and kind. When I got a little older I would go through mom's scrap fabric and make doll clothes, or little knick-knacks. Those are such happy memories for me. I am glad you are encouraging creativity in your boys.

  5. Lynn- I love the coffee can idea! What a great memory. I'm thinking I might try that.

  6. Tara, I'd love to get ahold of my mom's button jar. They just don't make buttons as nice as they used to! Hmm, maybe grandma is reading this...I think they need to send their buttons to us so we can keep the tradition alive! :)