Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Dead Blog

Well, I need to either kill this blog off or start posting again. I first started this blog as practice because I had planned on blogging with my students. We went Wiki instead. =)  So, I 'm trying to figure out what the purpose of this blog will be this year and I think I have it figured out. The reality is, there are so many GREAT blogs out there that the likely hood of anyone really taking time to read this (for any reason other than to be polite) is slim. My writing skills are mediocre and my photography even worse but I think my kids, pets,  husband and town are an eclectic mix of odd and wonderful (and certainly funny).

My focus this year will be to use this blog as a record of the silly-weird mix of our family life and to document my various sewing projects. Really, just a project journal for myself but if it inspires someone to take up sewing or quilting, great! Besides, I think my facebook friends are getting rather bored of reading about and seeing pictures of all my funny little sewing projects. So happy new year to myself (and anyone else that might be listening). I hope 2012 inspires you.


  1. I've just read all your blog posts and I will continue to as a reminder how greatful I am to live in Boise where cold weather is temporary. Plus we have similar tastes in fabric. Happy sewing.

    1. LOL! Glad I made you appreciate your surroundings more. This has been the coldest winter on record here in over 100 years. We had 7 weeks of -20 or colder temps, with winds, that made the windchill around -70 at times. It's a warm (but windy) 30 above today!

  2. I like your reindeer dog! Very festive. Your crafty projects are interesting and fun. I enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to following your 2012 fmq challenge journey.