Monday, January 30, 2012

Quilted Media Cases

Media Cases
I've been entertaining myself through this LONG stretch of -30F temps by sewing media cases. I've made them to fit Kindles, Nook Tablets, and ipads- with zippers or without, with straps, without straps, etc. So easy to customize. I didn't intend to make these to sell but it just sort of evolved into that. I've been asked for three this month. I certainly don't mind adding to my fabric money fund! The amount I make on one of these is pretty laughable if you consider the cost of the materials (about $22) and the time spent sewing. Good thing it's just a hobby!

Velcro tab top ipad case. This one is a bit small for the old ipad but fits the ipad 2 much better.

Older Style Kindle Case

Zip Top Kindle Case

Back of Nook Tablet Case with strap

Zip Top Nook Tablet Case with Straps

ipad case with lined front zip pocket and zip top

Inside of front zip pocket

Zip top ipad Case


  1. I think that I need to order myself a new ipad case :) Very cute stiff!

    1. Hi Malinda! Let me know if you want me to make you one. You can buy the materials and I can sew it, or I can have you pick from my stash.

    2. I will pick through your stash to help you get rid of it!

  2. These are really cute. Good idea, and a great way to go through your fabric stash!

  3. Thanks Tara. That's my goal, clean out the stash to make room for more!